Dr. Ilias STEFAS, the founder of ApoH-Technologies, takes an early interest in the ApoH protein during his previous position as Head of the Plasmatic Drug Department at the Montpellier Blood Transfusion Center. This protein was first considered as an impurity in the albumin preparations until Ilias noted it bound to Hepatitis B virus. Further studies established that this protein could in fact bind to a wide range of micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, parasites, prions…)

ApoH-Technologies is then founded in March 2000 as an IRD spin-off holding five patents. The firm rapidly merges with Helix Biotechnologies in October 2000 in order to increase its production capabilities. The initial R&D phase led to the generation of new patents and increased the range of applications.

In 2009, new investors join the company motivated by the interest and the trust in this technology. 

In 2012, ApoH-Technologies decides to split with the diagnostic branch and focuses its activities on ApoH-linked processes.

In 2014, its growing turnover is rewarded with the International Prize bestowed at the French Achievement Awards ‘Victoires de la Réussite’. 

ApoH-Technologies continues today to conquer new international markets.