Terms and Conditions of Sale

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Personal data

To exchange with you or your organization, ApoH-Technologies may collect personal information provided either by you (in your mail signature, on your business card, in your resume or in our forms) or by your organization (on their website, on their business documents or in their mails). Only the minimum data necessary to contact you and to conduct business is stored in our database for 20 years, unless otherwise legally required: names, gender, title, professional e-mail/phone/fax, working address and similar information. No personal information is transmitted to third parties other than our business developer, except for legal obligations. Hence no personal information is communicated outside of the European Community.

We use that information to conduct business and will ask for your consent for the 3 following business purposes:

- To inform you of our updates;

- To propose commercial offers and technical services;

- To transmit the data to a third party.

In the case you are contacting us and sending personal information (such as your e-mail name@company.com), you are automatically agreeing to let us use this information to answer the specific request stated in that contact. For example, you will be contacted for delivery updates if your name is stated in a Purchase order your company has sent. Such uses are considered legitimate, based on GDPR article 6-1b. For all other uses, your written consent will be gathered and respected.

 Please contact us at info@apohtech.com anytime you need more information or wish to:

- Access, update or remove your personal information in our database.

- Give, modify or take away your consent for using your information for our business purposes.

The French regulator in charge of applying the GDPR European directive is CNIL. Any complaint over personal data must be addressed to CNIL.