The ApoH technology is compatible with samples of very diverse nature. The sample dilution in specific binding buffers is necessary to dissolve the sample and/or to create the best physico-chemical environment for the ApoH or «Peps6» capture of micro-organisms.

Thanks to our partners, our R&D department has been able to test a wide range of samples, making an ever-growing list:

  • whole blood, serum, plasma, hemoculture,
  • saliva,
  • cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  • urine, feces,
  • animal and plant tissues,
  • earth, sea water,
  • culture media,
  • raw milk…

As ApoH is compatible with most biological samples, multiple application fields are concerned:

  • Human diagnostics,
  • Vaccine production,
  • Veterinary care,
  • Food industry,
  • Environmental safety...

Given the rich range of samples and applications, we recommend that you benefit from our technical support, which is dedicated to proposing protocols tailored to your needs.