Synthetic ApoH has arrived

Add some Peps to your analyses!

ApoH-Technologies designed and developed new magnetic beads coated with a synthetic peptide corresponding to the active site of the ApoH protein: Peps6.

These new beads are available, separate or included in all ApoH-Technologies capture kits: CaptoBAC for bacteria and CaptoVIR for viruses.

-  Safe: no use of protein of human or animal origin

- Fast: capture and concentration of viruses or bacteria in 30 minutes

- Easy: no ultracentrifugation or precipitation

- Efficient: removal of inhibitors and sensitivity increase

- Compatible:  with any biological sample

- Soft: pathogenicity or infectivity of captured micro-organisms guaranteed

- Suitable: with any usual analytical methods

With Peps6 magnetic beads your sample can be handled in a reliable way and with an optimal safety.