ApoH-Technologies uses an innovative process based on a plasmatic protein, Apolipoprotein H (ApoH). This human protein is purified, activated and stabilized by patented methods. It is then sold:

in solution for personalized applications, with the possibility to establish collaborations for tailored methods;

coupled to magnetic beads, that are ideal for treating samples ranging from 1 µL to 100 mL;

coupled to 96-well plates, for ELISA sandwich applications where the ApoH protein replaces the first capture antibody.

Retaining micro-organisms on bead- or plate-immobilized ApoH is automatable and compatible with multiplexing. This technology may apply to all sorts of samples and to a large panel of micro-organisms, including ones that have not yet been identified.

To overcome exportation issues and to guarantee safe handling, ApoH-Technologies has developed a synthetic peptide named «Peps6» which holds all the properties of the whole native protein.