ApoH-Technologies at the 22nd conference of Detection Technologies. Baltimore, USA.

From the 10th to the 11th, June 2014.

ApoH-Technologies will be present the 11th at the 22nd conference of Detection Technologies of Baltimore, USA.

Francisco Veas (CSO) will present "Pre-Analytical Complex Sample Preparation Method to Highly Improve Ultra-Sensitive Detection of (Re-) Emerging Pathogens for Accurate Diagnostics".


Ultrasensitive, rapid and reliable diagnostic of infectious agents from complex samples is critical to adopt, the faster the most adapted individual and health countermeasures. Excellent current and innovative methods for pathogens detection encounter difficulties to establish an accurate diagnostic when a rapid reactivity is needed. To adopt an appropriated strategy to reach ultrasensitive diagnostic unmet needs, we have developed a highly performing, fast, simple technology to concentrate and cleanse pathogens to prepare samples for ultrasensitive diagnostics. Our technology is based upon the capacity of ß2-glycoprotein I (ß2GpI) or ApoH, a human scavenger acute phase protein, able to capture, with a high affinity, a very large spectrum of pernicious microorganisms including Gram + or Gram - bacteria, enveloped or non enveloped DNA or RNA viruses, fungi, and parasites. Here we will show a variety of examples of ultrasensitive detection of pathogens from complex biological samples (human or animal tissues, blood, plasma urine, feces, etc) pretreated with supports coated with synthetic ApoH-derivatives.


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